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        "WOW" 2020 is here   


         Not sure what type of

   membership is right for you?               

  Try our 3 month membership

What does the Blackburn Fitness 4 Women 3 month gold membership offer?

  • 3 month - 12 week full gold membership (Including classes)
  • Full induction, including weigh & measure (Starting point)
  • Ongoing workout, nutritional, motivational and goal setting advice.
  • Call and book your start date now and save money only £90 (normally £125)
  • Free Lipo-light session with the first 20 memberships (worth £50)
  • Real Ladies -  Real results - Open to all ages:
  • The membership is open to ladies of all ages and fitness levels - 16 to 90 years:
  • Your 3 month get your body ready for summer starts with you calling and booking a FREE day pass:
  • Your "New Year New You" fitter healthier lifestyle starts here call 01254 699232:


So its a win win offer places are limited call now to take adventage of this offer. 

only 20 special offer places with free Lipo-Light session!

Are you ready for 2020?


Call now and reserve your place 01254 699232.


Monthly memberships 

start from only £20*


Blackburn Fitness 4 Women extra special 2020 offers!


Call 01254 699232 now to reserve your membership this is a very limited time offer act now!

More special offer memberships available call and ASK

One month - 6 week - 3 month - 6 month - 12 month  over 60's exercise club*

Included in the offer:

Full gold membership with full induction, weigh & measure, One to one help*:

All group classes


Steam Room


sun bed sessions

Lipo Lite sessions

* Results may vary T & C’s apply ask in club for details.



Ladies do you think you are to old to exercise?

Think again!

Our current oldest member Sheila (88) 

Travels from Preston 3 times a week for

her health & wellbeing 30 minute workout

on our unique Motortone exercise equipment

   Ladies 60+ club at Blackburn Fitness 4 Women:

Exercise with like minded women for less

Over 60's memberships start from only £20 per month 


Blackburn Fitness 4 Women more than just a gym

Call 01254 699232 now and book your

Free no obligation trial session 


At last a ladies only gym in Blackburn that caters for ladies of all ages!


Blackburn Fitness 4 Women Facilities:


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We hold group sessions / classes which are suitable for ladies of all  ages and fitness levels, call club for full details

Classes posted on our facebook page daily

01254 699232

Club Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday 9am - 8pm
Friday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 12pm
Sunday 9am - 12pm

Call Now On 01254 699232 and claim your Free One Day Pass! 

At Blackburn Fitness 4 Women, all you need to find is just 30 minutes, yes 30 minutes 3 times a week out of your busy work schedule!

The Blackburn Fitness 4 Women 30 minute express workout circuit ( known as the EasyLine circuit because it is so simple to use) combines a heart pumping aerobic activity and head to toe muscle toning exercise that works all the major muscle groups in the body, giving you a complete body workout in half the time! It has now been proven that short bursts of activity produce greater results, and here's some of the results YOU could achieve, when following your personal programme:-

• Weight loss
• Inch loss
• Toning
• Calorie burning
• Increased energy
• Improved sleep
• Boosted metabolism
• Increased endorphin levels - leaving you feeling great after your workout
• Increased stamina
• Increased lung capacity

Because the equipment is so simple to use you can get started from day one - even if you haven't exercised before and here's why: 

• The hydraulic equipment self-adjusts to your own level operating in a push and pull fashion, the harder you push the harder the exercise the slower you push the slower you exercise allowing you to workout at a pace that is comfortable to you. 
• As you begin to work through the circuit at a faster pace you will gain in confidence and increase your fitness levels whilst losing inches off the main areas of your body. 

Call Now On 01254 699232 and claim your Free One Day Pass!

*Results may vary 


Discover why ladies in their 40s, 50s and beyond are exercising for the first time of their lives with the unique Motortone Machines at Blackburn Fitness 4 Women.

Well here it is ladies, 10 amazing armchair exercise machines designed by fitness experts with the help and guidance of doctors, physiotherapists and sports therapists for ladies over 40, overweight, but suitable for ladies of all ages.  
Some of our older members or members who have recently undergone surgery, simply sit on and let the machines exercise them, gently manipulating tired, stiff muscles and joints to aid their mobility.

Here are just some of the benefits of gentle motor assisted exercise:

  • Asthma
  • Cardio vascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol
  • Hypertension
  • Lower back pain
  • Obesity
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pre operation fitness
  • Post operation fitness
  • Lose inches, improve stamina, and mobility
  • Improve flexibility, mobility and ease pain
  • Slows down the ageing process
  • Motor assisted exercise machines do the work for you!
  • Improve posture
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Even arthritis and back pain sufferers can benefit!


Call Now On 01254 699232 and claim your Free One Day Pass!

*Results may vary




Benefits Of Vibrostation Training Vibration plate training is now one of the most discussed forms of exercise over the last 2 years; this form of training system can increase weight loss and body toning by burning on average 200 calories in 8 minutes of exercise. Weight loss is only one of the many benefits to this now ever popular celebrity endorsed power Vibrostation.

The Vibrostation will Increase Muscle Stimulation
Your muscles will generally contract once or twice every second, but on a Vibrostation vibration plate this can increase to as much as 28-55 contractions per second. Oscillating and pivotal vibration plate training stimulates the muscles to contract alternately which helps to develop balance, co-ordination and even develop form and posture when standing, walking, and exercising or even swinging a golf club.

The Vibrostation vibration plate training can stimulate your circulation, induce involuntary muscle contractions. Your improved circulation will increase your lymphatic flow, can help to reduce blood pressure, it will help to increase blood oxygenation and boost your overall energy levels. Users also stand a good chance of reducing cellulite.

Normal exercise carried out in a gym will engage around 38% of your muscles depending on what form of training; involuntary muscle contractions could engage around 95% of muscle fibres, this overall increase could make the difference between a successful training program that will increase overall health and fitness and also help loose weight if your trying to burn the fat.

*Results may vary
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Infrared Sauna:

You'd be amazed by the effects infrared can have on your health.

Did you know that using an infrared sauna :

■Causes weight loss (without having to lift a finger)

■Helps treat cellulite

■Improves your immune system

■Improves your strength and vitality

■Helps cure several skin diseases like 
eczema, psoriasis and acne 

■Strengthens the cardio-vascular system

■Helps control your blood pressure

■Detoxifies your body

■Gives you more energy and relieves stress

■Helps treat burns and scars

■Relieves pain (joint pain, sore muscles, 

■Helps control your cholesterol level

■Helps treat bronchitis

■Helps treat hives (urticaria), gout, tissue 
damage, prostate hypertrophy

Call 01254 699232 for more details 
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Tanning Studio:

Blackburn fitness 4 women have installed the latest Helionova Gardasun 7000 stand up tanning booth!

Keep up your all year tan at fitness 4 women

*** Gift Vouchers Available***
Valentines day - Mothers Day - Anniversaries - Birthdays - Wedding day special offers, treat the one you love:

Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D- Did You Know...? 

Vitamin D is essential for good health.

Medical studies around the world have proven the benefits of Vitamin D in association with:


Cellular Health: including breast, colon and prostate cancers
Bone Health: including osteoporosis, hip fractures, osteomalacia and hip fractures
Organ Health: including high blood pressure, hypertension and heart disease
Mental Health: including SAD, PMS, depression and general mood
Auto-immune Diseases: including multiple sclerosis, Type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis
Skin Disorders: including psoriasis
Obesity and exercise programmes

Sunlight is the most effective way for the body to manufacture Vitamin D. Yet in the UK, our bodies can only manufacture Vitamin D from exposure to the sun during the months of May to October. Outside of these months, the sun is simply not strong enough.

Considered by many to be the foremost authority on vitamin D, Dr Michael Holick (Professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at the Boston University School of Medicine, one of the USA's top universities), recommends a daily amount of 1,000 IU is necessary to maintain a healthy level. It is very difficult to eat enough Vitamin D rich foods on a daily basis to achieve these levels. Most multi-vitamin supplements only provide 400IU of Vitamin D.